My Story

Hi, I'm Nicole.


We make choices everyday about what to buy and consume, and if you are like me you look at the bigger picture of the impact your choices will have on the environment. I started making jewelry because I love to create, I have always been a maker as far back as I can remember. When I first started out, I did not have the environmental impact in mind, I was still learning and trying to find my voice.


Once I got established, I realized that what I was doing could have a negative impact on the environment. I started to look at my materials and processes from that standpoint and I learned that it wasn’t all that good for the planet. I decided then and there that it would be my mission to transform my jewelry making one step at a time into an eco-conscious process that creates less waste, uses fewer resources and has less impact on the environment.


Today I am on that journey to create more eco-friendly focused jewelry so that there are better choices available for people who care about their impact on the environment.


Here are the changes I have made so far:


  • Use of recycled sterling and fine silver in my designs. Although much of the raw materials I was using contained some recycled content, I have switched to using all recycled silver in my pieces. I am also reducing the used of pre-made findings and working towards replacing them with those I can make from recycled silver. Each item description now details the use of 100% recycled silver in its content.
  • Switched to all eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials. This means all of my packaging including the gift boxes, anti tarnish fillers, jewelry cards, business cards, shipping boxes, etc. is recyleable and almost all items come from recycled materials themselves. The decorative twine I use is tree-free, hand twisted and biodegradable. Even the shipping labels I use are recycleable including the backing!
  • Started creating jewelry without the use of a flame. Traditional jewelry uses heat by burning fossil fuels in a torch to bind metal pieces together. I decided to aim to reduce or even completely remove the need for heat. This is a challenging process to explore alternative ways of connecting metal, but I like a good challenge!


There is still more to do but I am so excited about the changes yet to come. You can read more about my eco-conscious packaging and other efforts on my up-to-date eco-friendly page.


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